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Easytrek Classic Bitless Leather Bridle – Brown

(2 customer reviews)


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Easy Trek Bitless Leather Bridle in quality Brown leather with pair.

These beautifully made high quality leather bridles have a soft padded brow and nosebands for extra comfort and stainless steel buckles.


Voted by "YOUR HORSE" as one of the best Bitless bridles.

Bitless brides are more comfortable for your horse, they are much lighter and will feel more natural to the horse. Allows easier breathing for the horse – a bit forces the tongue to the back of the horses mouth wihen the reins are pulled tight, decreasing the airway. Bitless bridles cannot cause any pain or damage to a horse’s mouth. Bitless bridles allow your horse to eat grass and drink water freely whilst out on long rides if required.

Perfect for horses with the following problems:
Horses with a sensitive mouth
Horses who head toss and jog
Horses who lean on/play with the bit
Inexperienced riders who may pull un-necessarily on a horse’s mouth
For use in breaking young horses
Horses who evade the bit and whom have become hard mouthed

General guide for fitting:

If your horse currently wears a Pony size bitted bridle then go for the "Pony" size with bitless.  If a Cob size then go for a "Cob" etc.


Bit evasion and bit /mouth problems can be caused intentionally or unintentionally. Very often a rider is unaware of the pain and discomfort they can inflict on a horse with a bitted bridle

Horses used to wearing a bit, no matter what age generally readily accept bitless bridles without any specialized training. Some horses may need time to adjust to the feel of the bitless bridle and to understand direction, particularly young horses so it is always advisable to lunge in the bridle first and then ride in a menage or enclosed area whilst your horse becomes accustomed to the new technique and feeling of freedom without the bit. Generally, horses will settle down quickly and respond well.


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2 reviews for Easytrek Classic Bitless Leather Bridle – Brown

  1. Mrs Robins

    We have a very sensitive cob who wouldn’t take to a bit. We tried all sorts of bits and all array of medical tests to try and stop him from rearing past the point of vertical with the slightest of touches on the bit and nothing worked. We where at our wits end and was advised by vet to pts. Well this bit-less bridle saved the horses life and he is now ridden in total confidence and is progressing each and every day he loves his bitless and happily comes to the gate to have it put on and stands perfect for me to mount and ride away where before we would have constant battles it’s crazy to think that all this is down to a little bit of metal but they really work. Thank you

  2. Kate Brown

    I event my 14’2 NF pony in one of these bridles very successfully at BE90 and 100, won the 2018 British Riding Club 90cm Horse Trials championships and team 100cm eventer trial championships in this bridle. Love it, allows me to have great communication with my pony and prevents me from yanking him in the mouth should we make any errors XC. I used to have a bit of a fight with him but now there is no bit, he has nothing to fight and is very happy in this bridle,

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