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Laura from the US loves Easytrek Bitless Bridles so much she has one in reserve!

by | Mar 14, 2022

Just purchased our second Easytrek Anatomical bitless bridle so we could have a spare! Due to no fault of her own, my new horse had not had much experience with a bit, even though she was in her teens. A dentist ruled out any issues there. In her previous home, she’d been ridden with a halter and lead rope. Yet, she is the sweetest horse, and while, yes, she takes a flexible rubber bit now thanks to the help of a trainer, we decided to try her out in a bitless bridle, and I saw the Easytrek in a review online. We live in the US and had one shipped to us, and she is a COMPLETELY different horse in a bitless bridle. She’s so quiet in the arena now–no head tossing–and she is so much more content. We both are so grateful and are making progress now that she’s far more comfortable! Thank you so much!