Why Bitless?

A bitless bridle has no bit, so removes pressure from the horse’s mouth, instead places even pressure over different parts of the head. It applies non painful pressure on the poll, cheeks and nose. Control is no longer the result of painful mouth pressure.

If you are concerned that your horse will be too strong for a bitless bridle, then don’t be! Bitless bridles allow as much control as a bit, but in a natural kinder way.

Does your horse head shake? 
Have you got a horse who evades the bit, continually plays or fights with/against the bit?
Do you have a horse or pony who is being ridden heavy-handed or by a novice rider? Do you want to improve your connection with your horse and learn to ride with your seat and not your hands?
Have you a horse who has suffered a mouth injury or who has a sensitive mouth or even who has become hard mouthed?
Do you have a horse who holds his head up in the hair and clenches his teeth when having the bridle put on?

From a welfare point of view removing the bit is surely a kinder way to ride. If you are about to break a beautiful new youngster why on earth would you want to start him off by putting a rigid piece of metal in his mouth. Surely you would want to start him the natural way!

Bitless bridles have cured so many issues in bitted horses. They are absolutely worth a try.

What if bitless is not for my horse, but my horse is uncomfortable in their current bitted bridle?

Then go Easytrek anatomical!
These sympathetically designed patented Easytrek bridles are the perfect answer if your horse is sensitive to poll pressure or has any kind of bridle issues that they are just not happy with including playing with the bit, unwilling to move forward freely or comfortably.

Our bridles have been proven time and time again to be a success for so many customers and apparently our sizing is really good in comparison to other brands!

These bridles are cut back around the ears with a soft padded ergonomic headstall, they have been designed to avoid the sensitive facial nerves of your horse to eliminate pressure on nerves and blood vessels. Rather than having two separate straps for the bit and noseband, Easytrek have combined the two. In doing this the temporal and zygomatic bones become less restricted and the horses comfort is hugely improved.

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