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Karens Arab yard are all bitless in the Easytrek bitless bridles

by | Mar 14, 2022

Karen’s ARAB yard which includes the beautiful Shantih featured on the Patricia Leitch “Jinny or Finmory Books” has used Easytrek treeless saddles on her horses since 2012.
With over 10 years of using our Easytrek treeless saddles on her different Arab horses we can honestly say she has put our products to the test.
In addition to this Karen also decided to transition her horses to bitless in 2019.
Her first go to brand was Easytrek bitless bridles as this was a brand she trusted.
The change over to bitless was literally instant and Karen said you would never know that they had not always been bitless.
Bits have their uses, but for many horses, they’re nothing but a nuisance. Switching to bitless can improve your horse’s performance and overall well-being.
Trying to have a conversation with horsepeople about riding bitless versus bitted can bring out some very strong opinions on both sides. But as we all know, no two horses are the same. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” could be a positive rule to follow when considering something new for you and your horse – and that includes going bitless!
Going bitless for even a short period, no matter what discipline you are in, can be like hitting the refresh button on your computer. For some horses, it can be life-changing. Yes – going bitless can change the rest of your horse’s life and riding career in a positive way! The mouth is one of the most sensitive parts of the horse’s anatomy. When a bit is used, even if you’re gentle with your hands, your horse will feel it immediately. This can affect performance and cause a horse to fall far short of his potential. On the other hand, many horses will immediately relax and enjoy their jobs without the distraction of a bit.
If you can’t seem to find a bit that makes your horse happy, no bit at all might be the answer.
Give an Easytrek bitless bridle a try. What have you got to lose!