We are in Canada, and bought the Comfort saddle in brown leather from the UK. It arrived quickly, well packed, and even with the extra taxes it was a reasonably good buy. We bought it for our very-hard-to-fit sway-backed, short-coupled, no-withers, barrel shaped Percheron x appaloosa mare. We use it with a cheap dressage fleecey pad, and it’s working great with that. Without an additional pad it performs well enough but picks up every loose hair. With the dressage pad the saddle stays clean and looking like new, and our mare’s back stays absolutely cool and dry even after a good sweaty workout. Our mare moves comfortably under the saddle and walks freely with a good swing to her stride and enjoying herself. We researched a lot of treeless saddles and finally chose the EasyTrek as it was not too expensive, or too cheap, and recent reviews were very positive. I was a little worried it might not do, and being in Canada we’d be stuck with it. When it arrived I could not believe how light it is. Sometimes we struggle to do up the dressage girth (mainly because our mare blows herself out) but with practice it is possible to haul on the buckle without pulling the saddle halfway round the horse. Apart from that this saddle is great, very comfortable and a relief after all the hassle we had trying to find a saddle to fit our mare.