i have tried many saddles from your top ranged WOW,heather moffet you name it , treed and treeless; i can honestly say this is the best saddle of them all! i have seen some saddlers bad mouthing about the easytrek saying that the stirrups bars unsafe and its cheap indian etc and i can tell you now it’s all lies. i ride my 18hh hot head in one and its the best decision i ever made with him, the saddle DOES NOT slip, move, bend in the middle and the stirrup bars take any weight! my 21 stone sister rode a heavy weight horse in my saddle and it did not budge nor did the stirrup bars break! there is no saddle on the market that would put on horse with that weight on it! and no saddle would take it either. i have had personal involvement in the manufacture side of treeless and the scams behind these big price tags and the cheap crud. id never use another saddle ever again easytrek all the way. i have also helped other people into an easytrek and they all love it. the ones to watch are the heather moffet ones etc as they are built in india and are made with cheap indian leather not sheepskin as stated and they actually cost £125 to manufacture FACT 🙂 EASY TREK ALL THE WAY