I’ve now been using a Easytrek Classic saddle on my Highland pony for just over a year (that’s him (the dapple grey) in the photo on the Classic Saddle page!) and just want to say how fabulous the saddle is.

I’ve spent thousands over the years on saddle fitting, treed saddles and ongoing adjustments, but my boy was never quite ‘right’ and just wasn’t happy under saddle. He’d ever stopped wanting to jump, and he’d loved jumping previously. I’d had vet checks, physio and chiropractic treatment, but still he remained the same…so I decided to try treeless (despite, I must say, much opposition from ‘traditionalist’ who thought they were the worst thing ever!).

Well, a year on, I have a happy, sound, flexible and supple 18 year old horse, who moves like a dream. He really uses his back, shoulders and hocks these days and is going in a way I never thought I’d see again. Infact, after a few months of gentle pole work…WE JUMPED the other day!! For the first time in EIGHT YEARS!!!! Dougall loved it. I have my happy boy back!! Thank you Easytrek!