I am very pleased with my EasyTrek bittless bridle. The purchase was easy and the delivery prompt. The quality of the leather is also very good and considering the price I was not too sure what to expect! I have a 14.2 sometimes headstrong Haffie gelding, who sometimes used to grab the bit and just go, no stopping him (usually to catch up with other horses or if I dared to have a canter on the way home). Well, we have just done our first 12 mile Fun Ride and even with horses passing him and cantering infront of him, he did not bomb off and I was in full control (give or take a bit of sideways jogging and prancing). It was really nice to see his mouth relaxed and not drooling all over the place (like he usually does within five minutes of having a bit in). We are slowly making the transition to bitless only (I think it is more mind over matter for me!). We will still have to use a snaffle for dressage comps but at least most of the time he should stay bit free. Thanks for providing an affordable product!
I am eyeing out your saddles next 🙂