So the time has come for me to write a review of the Easytrek saddle.
I must say I was worried about purchasing one as I had been toying with the idea for a while and like most horse owners I had done my research and had seen bad reviews online.
Then my saddle fitter told me that my current saddle was no good for my horse and that the one that I needed I knew would not fit me in the arse department, thus making more problems for my horses back, so my thoughts returned to easytrek.
I liked the look of the classic as a few years ago owned a Torsion saddle but did not like the wide seat and the position of the stirrup bars.
So I bit the bullet and called Easytrek to hear what was so good about this saddle.
I spoke to Kash who was really lovely and explained all about the design, leather and reasons for making the saddle. I expressed my concern about the bad reviews and he told me all about the copyright and the fake saddles that had flooded the market under the Easytrek name which had given them bad press…as the saying goes nothing travels further than bad news .
At no time was I given the hard sell, after an hour on the phone…which I might add was 10pm I was happy to order a saddle and if it was no good…myself or my horse not happy I could return within 14 days. Which was great and would satisfy my mind as I could then say I had seen the saddle in the flesh.
Two days later the saddle arrived and I was impressed at the craftsmanship that had gone into it 
I tried it on my horse and took a photo of the position that it sat. It was lovely to ride in but I felt high up. I sent a message to Easytrek with the photo and they explained it would settle down with each ride, moulding to the horse.
I done a few more rides and the saddle did seem to settle down so I took a few more photos and sent to them. They replyed within hours saying that the front was sitting too low and to give them a call so they could explain how to adjust the pommel, which I did. I messaged them numerous times with photos and they were so helpful, always making sure I was happy and nothing was too much trouble.
I have had the saddle for about 2 months now and it is the most comfortable saddle I have ever had. My horse goes lovely in it and seems extremely happy.
I feel I can write this review now as my biggest worry in buying this saddle is that it could hurt my horses back by going treeless…well today my horse had the back lady She said there was no problem with his back from this saddle, no pressure sores, no tight areas, nothing.
I am very happy that I got this saddle and I believe my horse is too…..
Now I am after an Easytrek comfort bridle to complete my tack..better start saving