Easytrek Treeless Saddles

Why Treeless?

For so many of us finding a saddle that actually fits really is a struggle, just achieving a saddle that fits a roly poly cob is a dream come true. For so many horses using corrective pads and shims, re flocking and de flocking every season is not the answer. A rigid treed saddle that does not change shape cannot possibly fit your ever changing horse!

Treeless is a kinder way to ride and it is best for your horse!

Horses change shape constantly, so even if you have just corrected the flocking in your treed saddle for the season, potentially by next month your saddle would be considered ill fitting again.

Our treeless saddles mould to your horses shape, no matter how much weight loss or weight gain our treeless saddles simply take to the shape of the horse. There is no rigid parts causing pressure or discomfort.

Riding your horse should be as natural an experience as possible. We should not be purched on top of our horse with a rigid unflexible tree separating us from our horse. Riding in treeless does give us a different riding position, but the benefits of this soon become apparent. You feel at one with your horse, no longer perched on top you move with the horse, at the same time your horse moves freely with more movement of the shoulder and back. Your aids become more effective and your horse more responsive.

Our treeless saddles are amazingly light weight in comparison to heavy treed saddles, this is an immediate benefit.

The gullet and high density shock absorbing panels support the riders weight whilst relieving pressure from the horses spine.

We work closely with our customers making continuous improvements. It is clear from our 2018 saddles of the ever improving changes to the cantles, twist and pommels. These are the next generation of saddle.

We welcome your feedback and are happy to undertake custom made saddles.