1. Darren & Anna

    I would recommend this saddle to anyone , we had trouble trying to find the right saddle until we came across Easytrek. Not only that but these people are a pleasure to deal with !! The saddle arrived 8 working days later which is excellent service considering that we live in Australia !! Great people Great saddle and Great service !!

    Posted on Sun 5th Nov 2017 at 21:54

  2. Kädi

    I bought the 16'' dressage saddle in second hand in my country (Estonia). And it was PERFECT for the pony I was ridding. She is an Estonian horse breed, which can go fat in a matter of hours and usually have short back. And she didn't have a clear scruff (I think it's called like that in English). I had looked for a perfect saddle for her for about a year and couldn't find anything. And Easytrek saddle fit PERFECTLY on her. She felt free under it. Unfortunately our ways parted and I sold the saddle, but I have regretted that move from the day one. I am planning to buy myself another dressage saddle and thinking about GP saddle as well. LOVED IT!

    Posted on Wed 23rd Aug 2017 at 10:17

  3. Karen Stringfellow

    Thank you for your supper service and helpful advice.

    It was very much appreciated after our yard was broken into


    Posted on Wed 2nd Aug 2017 at 10:51

  4. I received my saddle on the 8/9/16 and it is absolutely amazing, not only does it fit my horse perfectly, it has made a complete difference in her movement, much more free in her back and shoulders and a more forward action. The saddle is made from beautiful soft leather and feels more like an armchair. Everyone from my saddle fitter, instructor and my friends at the yard have had a ride on my mare and are in complete ore of my saddle and they are now thinking of purchasing one for themselves. Thank you so much for doing your research and actually making a product that does exactly what it was intended for. Thanks again, happy happy happy

    Posted on Fri 23rd Sep 2016 at 00:16

  5. Lotte Lewis

    I bought the comfort saddle for my 5 yr old who has never been backed. It's perfect for her as she changes shape. Nice and light, good quality and so comfortable for us both.We love it! Was delivered in 24hrs from ordering too. Thanks

    Posted on Wed 10th Aug 2016 at 09:21

  6. Pamela Akerman

    Thank you for this lovely saddle .I am really impressed with it and so is my little Dartmoor pony. I also like the girth that goes with it too as it complements the saddle .

    Posted on Mon 18th Jul 2016 at 12:48

  7. lyndsey hunter

    i have tried many saddles from your top ranged WOW,heather moffet you name it , treed and treeless; i can honestly say this is the best saddle of them all! i have seen some saddlers bad mouthing about the easytrek saying that the stirrups bars unsafe and its cheap indian etc and i can tell you now it's all lies. i ride my 18hh hot head in one and its the best decision i ever made with him, the saddle DOES NOT slip, move, bend in the middle and the stirrup bars take any weight! my 21 stone sister rode a heavy weight horse in my saddle and it did not budge nor did the stirrup bars break! there is no saddle on the market that would put on horse with that weight on it! and no saddle would take it either. i have had personal involvement in the manufacture side of treeless and the scams behind these big price tags and the cheap crud. id never use another saddle ever again easytrek all the way. i have also helped other people into an easytrek and they all love it. the ones to watch are the heather moffet ones etc as they are built in india and are made with cheap indian leather not sheepskin as stated and they actually cost £125 to manufacture FACT :) EASY TREK ALL THE WAY

    Posted on Sun 22nd May 2016 at 14:34

  8. ailsa park

    totally love my new bridle i have one in brown and black now , just waiting for a light tan one lol brilliant service and brilliant response to Emails thank you so much

    Posted on Sat 10th Oct 2015 at 05:11

  9. Tracey anderson

    I have just bought the easyrek comfy saddle for my highland , it's so so comfy and fits great , thanks Kash for all the advice and the delivery service was all great , happy customer ,highly recommend , tracey , cumbria

    Posted on Thu 2nd Jul 2015 at 11:30

  10. Anita Dore'

    just wanted to say Thank you so much for my comfort saddle. It arrived very quickly and it's like sitting on air! I love it and so does my boy, he's clearly much more free
    moving in it. Thanks again. Anita x

    Posted on Sat 13th Jun 2015 at 07:43

  11. Kenna Crawford

    I would just like to say that I have now tried all my Easytrek tack, saddle , bridle , girth etc on 'my' pony and I love them all.
    The saddle is so comfortable and the quality is extremely good.
    The leather is soft and the finishing great.
    I tried the bitless bridle expecting it to be a bit hard but no, it is soft and the pony loved it, bitless great...
    I cannot thank Easytrek enough for making me very happy indeed.
    The quality of all the pieces and the saddle are superb for the price tag and I would not hesitate to recommend Easytrek to anyone wanting to try treeless.
    The value for money is amazing.
    The customer care from Easytrek was brilliant, many thanks again Easytrek.

    Posted on Mon 16th Mar 2015 at 15:10

  12. Kenna Crawford

    I ordered a comfort saddle, girth, bitless bridle and stirrup leathers from Easytrek on Thursday, they all arrived at lunch time today,Friday!!!! cannot believe how quickly I recieved them.
    They look and feel fantastic, can not wait to try them on my pony.
    The leather is so soft and the saddle etc is really good quality for the price.
    Hope to try out in the next couple of days, weather permitting!!!
    Thank you all at Easytrek, so far so good!

    Posted on Fri 6th Mar 2015 at 17:11

  13. Vicki Seymour

    Thank you for the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in. I have recently purchased the comfort saddle from Easytrek, the quality is lovely and I wouldn't want to go back to my GP saddle or my dressage saddle after riding in this one. Its truely amazing and my horse goes so well in it that there is no going back for us now. It was so helpful being able to speak to someone about it, it makes all the difference when purchasing an item to know that you have good communications channels with the company that you are buying from. The service has been fantiastic and I cant thank you enough. I would certainly recommend Easytrek to anyone.

    Posted on Mon 26th Jan 2015 at 16:17

  14. Sylvia Best

    Wow impressive service ordered yesterday lunchtime here within 24 hours. The bridle is lovely and fits well- I have used a similar synthetic one for several years and wouldn't use anything else with my sensitive but very strong little mare.

    Posted on Fri 5th Dec 2014 at 22:56

  15. Joy Stocks

    I have bought a saddle, Bitless bridle and a girth for my very precious boy and we both couldn't be happier. I love the price and he loves the comfort. These saddles and bridles are truly the way forward. I rave about these products to all of my friends and have actually sold my very underused and very expensive dressage saddle to be replaced with the pure luxury of easy trek. The delivery was prompt and to contact and speak to someone was a pure pleasure. I look forward to ordering my next saddle very shortly.

    Posted on Wed 6th Aug 2014 at 23:08

  16. Sharon packham


    Posted on Sat 19th Jul 2014 at 13:11

  17. Dita and Malcolm Clarke

    Uber happy with our new saddle. Our boy has been having shoulder problems for some time and today he was fantastic in his easytrek. It's early days yet but the improvement was amazing.

    Posted on Sat 4th Jan 2014 at 17:51

  18. Deborah Colledge

    I have had an easytrek bitless bridle for over a year now. The bridles are very well made and my horse loves his. He is so relaxed when working in this I intend to keep him in his bitless as much as humanly possible!

    Posted on Sun 24th Nov 2013 at 14:42

  19. Imogen Barber

    Beautiful,well made saddle. Outstanding customer service. Thank you.

    Posted on Mon 18th Nov 2013 at 11:37

  20. Sara

    We are in Canada, and bought the Comfort saddle in brown leather from the UK. It arrived quickly, well packed, and even with the extra taxes it was a reasonably good buy. We bought it for our very-hard-to-fit sway-backed, short-coupled, no-withers, barrel shaped Percheron x appaloosa mare. We use it with a cheap dressage fleecey pad, and it's working great with that. Without an additional pad it performs well enough but picks up every loose hair. With the dressage pad the saddle stays clean and looking like new, and our mare's back stays absolutely cool and dry even after a good sweaty workout. Our mare moves comfortably under the saddle and walks freely with a good swing to her stride and enjoying herself. We researched a lot of treeless saddles and finally chose the EasyTrek as it was not too expensive, or too cheap, and recent reviews were very positive. I was a little worried it might not do, and being in Canada we'd be stuck with it. When it arrived I could not believe how light it is. Sometimes we struggle to do up the dressage girth (mainly because our mare blows herself out) but with practice it is possible to haul on the buckle without pulling the saddle halfway round the horse. Apart from that this saddle is great, very comfortable and a relief after all the hassle we had trying to find a saddle to fit our mare.

    Posted on Fri 1st Nov 2013 at 01:31

  21. Angela

    Hi Easytrek
    Just got my 2nd saddle from you the classic for showing. I am so pleased with it and will never buy a another saddle from anywhere else. Will definitely recommend you.
    Thank You

    Posted on Thu 29th Aug 2013 at 08:38

  22. Emily D'Arcy

    Hi easytrek so iv brough yet my 3rd saddle of you the easytrek dressage classic and I could not be more pleased with it 100% perfect its such a lovely saddle fits my rolly polly welsh B really well and its such a nice saddle. Thank you so much for all your help chooseing it. Keep up the good work ill be back to buy my 4th saddle of you soon. Xx Emily

    Posted on Thu 27th Jun 2013 at 20:50

  23. jody bolstad

    Awesome product !!! , great price , thanks guys !!

    From Queensland 4563

    Posted on Wed 12th Jun 2013 at 09:37

  24. claire Hart

    Dear easy-trek-uk,

    Just like to say fabulous service,i ordered bridle yesterday and it arrived today. My eight year old has ridden out this evening on our Fell pony and its cured her excessive drooling problem. Steering and brakes the same as when ridden in a snaffle. I m very impressed with quality for the price. thankyou.


    Posted on Wed 12th Jun 2013 at 09:33

  25. Fiona Mcgillivray

    OMG Got the easytrek comfort saddle today Im well impressed and would highly recommend...Cant wait till rains away so can try it....Excited much ...Thanks also for very fast service and delivery..

    Posted on Thu 9th May 2013 at 15:18

  26. Tracy Good

    Hiya, just to let you know although I recieved the replacement saddle last Thursday today was the first opportunity I had to trial it properly..I love it, it fits her perfectly no movement and must be the most comfortable saddle I have sat on! Thank-you for your time and advice and ultimately a Wonderful quality saddle, much appreciated by myself and my mare! Once again Thank-you. Regards Tracy Good

    Posted on Thu 25th Apr 2013 at 21:57

  27. joan snowdon

    Hi there just to let you know I received my saddle yesterday Tuesday.Can not believe how compact and light it is.Been on a couple of rides out on Bobby who is a 15 hands xxwide cob. The saddle didn't move even when we had a run in with a plastic bag in a tree. It's everything you said it was. It's very comfortable for us both. I'm sure some of my friends will be taking a good look at it and hopefully you may get some more orders. Many Thanks Joan.

    Posted on Thu 25th Apr 2013 at 21:32

  28. Angela

    My saddle arrived today. Cant believe how comfy it is and fits my roly poly pony perfect LOVE IT

    Posted on Fri 19th Apr 2013 at 21:51

  29. little pea

    Thank you easytrek for my classic flex saddle. Have been using this on my friesian for last last 8 weeks and what a difference it has made. My boy is happy at last and the saddle is so comfy.
    I highly recommend your saddles to all I speak to.
    Wonderful, thank you.

    Posted on Mon 8th Apr 2013 at 21:31

  30. judy miles

    Would like to thank Amber at Easytrek for all her help and advise.
    I definitely made the right decision purchasing the Comfort saddle. Fits perfect on my section D.
    Incredibly comfortable and gorgeous quality.
    Many thanks

    Posted on Sat 6th Apr 2013 at 08:11

  31. polo

    Recently purchased an Easytrek Classic saddle by recommendation. Am over the moon with my saddle. Fabulous quality and beautiful soft leather.
    Dare I say it, the price is too good!.
    Others have seen mine in the yard and are very jealous so more orders coming your way Easytrek.
    Thank you for the great service and wonderful product.

    Posted on Sat 6th Apr 2013 at 08:08

  32. sally p - australia

    Easytrek, Just wanted to say thank you so much for my Classic Saddle.
    Absolutely gorgeous soft leather, and a total solution to my saddle problems.
    Shipping to Australia only took 6 days and no problems at all!.
    Thank you

    Posted on Sun 3rd Mar 2013 at 07:45

  33. Haflingerforlife

    I received my easytrek bitless last week. I was amazed on how fast it arrived in Canada (7 days). I like the quality and the look. The reins are also very nice. I bought a size "full" and it fits my Haflinger (with big bones). My haflinger transitioned seamlessly. My horse always went very well in a regular bridle with a snaffle but I thought why use a snaffle went you can ride bitless?

    thanks for this great product at an affordable price! I am on cloud number 9 and my horse is with me!


    Posted on Mon 25th Feb 2013 at 19:28

  34. cambo

    Purchased an Easytrek Bitless Bridle. Absolutely wonderful. Works a dream!.
    As good as any Dr cook and half the price.
    Thanks Easytrek

    Posted on Tue 22nd Jan 2013 at 09:20

  35. katy B

    Received my easytrek classic saddle today. In a word gorgeous! and I cannot believe the quality for the price!.
    Lovely soft leather and fits a dream.
    Thank you to Kash for all his help and advise.
    Will most definitly recommend to all!

    Posted on Tue 22nd Jan 2013 at 09:19

  36. Laura Venables

    I wanted to write and tell you how amazing the Easytrek bitless bridle I have is. My horse loves it and after two years of trying different 'mild' bits it's such a relief for us both. I have the leather version which is incredibly smart and good quality.
    As an extra note, after there was a small problem with my order Easytrek customer service was outstanding. I cannot recommend Easytrek or it's products more highly.

    Posted on Thu 29th Nov 2012 at 21:26

  37. I purchased a 2012 spec Huntsmaster Clippers for my livery yard based on other comments I had read about them and price. They have been fantastic. Would also say that Easytrek offer brilliant customer service and are very efficient and helpful.

    Posted on Sun 18th Nov 2012 at 18:54

  38. Fiona Barnes

    I bought an easy trek saddle in March this year and it is fabulous. I followed it with a bit less bridle for my highland last
    Month. Was quite scared but it works beautifully. She even tried to bolt with
    It on when she saw a donkey and I pulled her up easily.
    My saddle is constantly admired and I did some unaffiliated dressage in it yesterday. So comfy. Couldn't use the bit less for that but use it for everything else. Thank you easy trek.

    Posted on Mon 15th Oct 2012 at 12:57

  39. terry

    Just thought i would say that i have clipped my hunter with these clippers and they have worked great. Good value and quick delivery. They compare very favourably to my old Lister set.

    Posted on Tue 18th Sep 2012 at 21:19

  40. Dee Pollard

    I am very pleased with my EasyTrek bittless bridle. The purchase was easy and the delivery prompt. The quality of the leather is also very good and considering the price I was not too sure what to expect! I have a 14.2 sometimes headstrong Haffie gelding, who sometimes used to grab the bit and just go, no stopping him (usually to catch up with other horses or if I dared to have a canter on the way home). Well, we have just done our first 12 mile Fun Ride and even with horses passing him and cantering infront of him, he did not bomb off and I was in full control (give or take a bit of sideways jogging and prancing). It was really nice to see his mouth relaxed and not drooling all over the place (like he usually does within five minutes of having a bit in). We are slowly making the transition to bitless only (I think it is more mind over matter for me!). We will still have to use a snaffle for dressage comps but at least most of the time he should stay bit free. Thanks for providing an affordable product!
    I am eyeing out your saddles next :)

    Posted on Mon 3rd Sep 2012 at 18:13

  41. Deb Hill

    What a fantastic saddle I am delighted with it. My section d cob is now comfortable with his saddle again.

    Posted on Thu 16th Aug 2012 at 12:20

  42. I'm delighted with my bitless bridle! My young Highland Gelding,(training via natural horsmanship methods in a simple rope halter accepted this bridle immediately. I am using it for ground work and have taken him out for walks around the village in it. He obviously feel secure and comfortable, he is responisve and well behaved. Thank you Easytrek!

    Posted on Fri 27th Jul 2012 at 16:06

  43. Maria

    Just to say I am so pleased with my treeless saddle ! Far far superior to a torsion !!

    Thank you so much it is so comfortable to ride in and my horse is coming on so well in it

    Posted on Wed 25th Jul 2012 at 18:23

  44. Kelly Andrews

    Purchased an Easytrek saddle from these guys. Had a Torsion previously and wanted something a little more traditional looking.
    And WOW. Amazing saddle, fits like a dream and so comfortable. Better than my Torsion by miles and quality fantastic.
    Half the price as well.
    Well done Easytrek for keeping your prices so low for a saddle well worth double!
    thank you so much.

    Posted on Wed 18th Jul 2012 at 13:56

  45. Marie Riddle

    Hi I received my pony bridle the next day and it is super. Lovely quality for the price.

    The pony we are loaning seemed to hate having his bridle on, head shaking, then later moving the bit around all the time, chewing and lolling his tongue despite trying different styles.

    Since changing to bitless he has been out in a relaxed frame is much mroe trusting and so far no bucking or bad behaviour.

    Thank you soooooo much!

    Posted on Tue 17th Jul 2012 at 22:56

  46. Angela Agar nee Thomas

    Received my new saddle and it's amazing value for money and brilliant service to boot! Ordered it late Friday afternoon and it arrived Tuesday AM! The pony was very happy and comfortable and so is the rider. I chose the new classical dressage saddle and it just looks like a traditional saddle would recommend this company and saddle thanks Easytrek

    Posted on Sun 15th Jul 2012 at 21:06

  47. candace moss

    Our first horse arrived in Feb, lovely chap but head carriege like a giraffe and lots of head tossing. Swopped to a rubber bit but he just started barging off and also had dentist out but no real problems.Thought I`d try an easytrek bitless and love it. Truely amazed at control and had our first canter out on hack yesterday and he came back so easily, less head tossing and more relaxed boy. highly recommend it and it looks the business too for a great price.

    Posted on Thu 10th May 2012 at 17:25

  48. Hans Einvik

    I do use a bitless bridle much like the ones I find here. And no; it's not Dr Cook's bitless, but it's a cheap, nice crosspull.

    I just wanted to give my regards to someone that makes equipment like bitless bridles, and take as little money as possible to provide these.

    Like I find in these pages..

    Thank you, EasyTrek, for being like this..

    Posted on Mon 7th May 2012 at 22:05

  49. Sarah Cook

    I purchased a new prototype 5-point breast plate from yourselves last week and used it for the first time on Sunday with my new treeless saddle which rolls around a lot. I wasn't convinced that it would hold the saddle in place well enough but to my surprise it was absolutely fantastic and the saddle din't move at all! Very pleased with it, thanks guys :)

    Posted on Wed 28th Mar 2012 at 10:35

  50. Jennifer Lane

    My Easytrek bridle arrived yesterday and I worked my horse in it this morning. What a difference! I have tried her with several mild bits including a Myler Comfort Snaffle and I won't use Flash nosebands. She is up-to-date with dental checks but I could see that she wasn't happy and if she isn't happy neither am I. She went beautifully in the Easytrek, very willing, responsive, ears pricked and mouth closed and relaxed. Can't believe the difference and I would thoroughly recommend these bitless bridles. Thank you Easytrek!

    Posted on Fri 2nd Mar 2012 at 13:52

  51. Emily D'Arcy

    Hi easytrek have come to visit my mum today and check emails to find my mum has been sneaking around and purchased the new easytrek classic 2012!! for me I got a traditional of you last year for my mare that I had a accident on and could not find a saddle to fit her right. And now I'm a new owner of another one of your fab saddles its lovely.keep up the good work. I have one word to say about my new saddle and that is AMAZING. Would highly recommend and my mum says thank you for the quick service even when your stock taken it arived a lot earlyer then she though it would.
    Mrs and miss D'Arcy

    Posted on Thu 23rd Feb 2012 at 14:40

  52. Dennis Patterson

    Just a quick note to say how please I am with the Easytrek Bitless Bridle.
    Works like a dream, and exceptional quality for the price.
    I know other people who have the Dr Cooks and the Easytrek is in my opinion much better. The price of the Easytrek bridle is but a fraction of the Dr Cooks, it is very hard to justify that.
    Thank you Easytrek I will certainly recommend.

    Posted on Mon 20th Feb 2012 at 06:44

  53. NatashaLic

    Thank you for my Easytrek Classic Saddle. I have a particulary odd shaped horse and to date have tried Wintec adjustable, Heather Moffet and Barefoot. None have fitted and have cost me a small fortune over the last 2 years with special pads and this and that.
    Finally I have found a saddle that can actually fit. It really does what Easytrek says it does.
    The quality is gorgeous and the price fabulous.
    So thankyou so much for my lovely saddle.

    Posted on Mon 13th Feb 2012 at 08:00

  54. Jan Lipscombe

    got the Huntmaster Pro clippers for Christmas and have just given my very hairy I.D a full clip.They were great!Gave a really nice finish and didn,t get hot,much better than the Liverymans i use at work!Would definitely recommend.

    Posted on Sun 29th Jan 2012 at 19:47

  55. ledw3671

    Received my Easytrek Bitless bridle

    Tried this with bitless & barefoot & was rubbish! Easytrek one is amazin & works!

    Thanks so much, would recommend to anyone.

    Posted on Wed 21st Dec 2011 at 15:01

  56. Denise Radley

    Thank you Easytrek for my fabulous saddle, fits my very hard to fit arab mare perfectly.

    Easytrek you have saved me a fortune!.


    Posted on Wed 21st Dec 2011 at 14:59

  57. A large thank you for the exceptionally good service I received from yourselves in the purchase of my clippers this week. I am delighted with your communication, service and product. Many thanks again.

    Posted on Mon 3rd Oct 2011 at 22:27

  58. ashley

    Just wanted to say how happy i am with the saddle, i received it super quick and its exactly as described, absolutley love it! but also a word of warning, before i brought this one direct, i bought one from ebay, which turned out to be a very poorly made fake (it had no "easytrek" printed on it and was of very poor quality) so be careful if anyones thinking of buying a second hand one!

    Posted on Mon 3rd Oct 2011 at 21:50

  59. Jo Wilson

    I've now been using a Easytrek Classic saddle on my Highland pony for just over a year (that's him (the dapple grey) in the photo on the Classic Saddle page!) and just want to say how fabulous the saddle is.

    I've spent thousands over the years on saddle fitting, treed saddles and ongoing adjustments, but my boy was never quite 'right' and just wasn't happy under saddle. He'd ever stopped wanting to jump, and he'd loved jumping previously. I'd had vet checks, physio and chiropractic treatment, but still he remained the same...so I decided to try treeless (despite, I must say, much opposition from 'traditionalist' who thought they were the worst thing ever!).

    Well, a year on, I have a happy, sound, flexible and supple 18 year old horse, who moves like a dream. He really uses his back, shoulders and hocks these days and is going in a way I never thought I'd see again. Infact, after a few months of gentle pole work...WE JUMPED the other day!! For the first time in EIGHT YEARS!!!! Dougall loved it. I have my happy boy back!! Thank you Easytrek!

    Posted on Sun 10th Jul 2011 at 12:12

  60. Lisa williams

    I am so gratfull to easy trek for my bitless bridle! last december I rescued an x racehorse who was 20 and had extensive dentistry problems and after years of racing and being jabbed in the mouth he was getting increasingly difficult to ride with a bitted bridle so I had 2 options retire him or try your bitless bridle I went for your bridle and wow I could cry he is a different horse he is so happy and so am I thanks a million.This is the best item of tack i have ever bought.

    Posted on Sun 29th May 2011 at 23:31

  61. Emily D'Arcy

    hi easytrec just got home to find my new easytrek traditional saddle has come and its "stunning" i cant stop looking at it and i was so over the moon that you put new irons and leathers in as well.
    one very happy customer will high recomend Easytrek!!
    keep up the good work. xx

    Posted on Wed 30th Mar 2011 at 15:12


    Keep up the good work Easytrek.
    This is the second saddle from you.
    Great quality, super fit and even better price!.

    Nice to get good quality affordable horseware out there.

    Cant be happier.


    Posted on Wed 9th Feb 2011 at 20:44

  63. JVDODD

    Hi, I bought some clippers from you some time ago and used them for the first time today, they are amazing! I had never clipped a horse fully before and was a little daunted by the prospect of being on my own with no back-up should I mess it up, I needn't of worried, they were like a hot knife through butter and I did a full clip in 45 minutes, not bad for a first attempt (if I say so myself) I don't know how to put extra feedback on so i've written this note and if you would like to quote it on your info about these clippers then please do so as I am now going to recommend to everyone, So chuffed I bought them thank you!!!

    - jvdodd

    Posted on Thu 9th Dec 2010 at 15:39


    Dear easy-trek-uk,

    Hi,i have recently purchased your bitless bridle & just wanted to thank you for this brilliant item, i have a 16.2hh t'bred who constantly throws his head, which besides being very frustrating also makes him difficult to ride, i have tried so many different things, teeth, different bits, nosebands, martingales , the list goes on. I then read about your bridle & thought i'd give it a try. I am amazed at the difference in my horse (only had bridle a week)he is far more concentrated & willing to go out & i can't believe it NO LONGER THROWS HIS HEAD!!! so many many thanks for this fab item, i now have a different & happy horse. t.j.

    - rocka4filly


    So the time has come for me to write a review of the Easytrek saddle.
    I must say I was worried about purchasing one as I had been toying with the idea for a while and like most horse owners I had done my research and had seen bad reviews online.
    Then my saddle fitter told me that my current saddle was no good for my horse and that the one that I needed I knew would not fit me in the arse department, thus making more problems for my horses back, so my thoughts returned to easytrek.
    I liked the look of the classic as a few years ago owned a Torsion saddle but did not like the wide seat and the position of the stirrup bars.
    So I bit the bullet and called Easytrek to hear what was so good about this saddle.
    I spoke to Kash who was really lovely and explained all about the design, leather and reasons for making the saddle. I expressed my concern about the bad reviews and he told me all about the copyright and the fake saddles that had flooded the market under the Easytrek name which had given them bad press...as the saying goes nothing travels further than bad news �.
    At no time was I given the hard sell, after an hour on the phone...which I might add was 10pm I was happy to order a saddle and if it was no good...myself or my horse not happy I could return within 14 days. Which was great and would satisfy my mind as I could then say I had seen the saddle in the flesh.

    Two days later the saddle arrived and I was impressed at the craftsmanship that had gone into it �
    I tried it on my horse and took a photo of the position that it sat. It was lovely to ride in but I felt high up. I sent a message to Easytrek with the photo and they explained it would settle down with each ride, moulding to the horse.
    I done a few more rides and the saddle did seem to settle down so I took a few more photos and sent to them. They replyed within hours saying that the front was sitting too low and to give them a call so they could explain how to adjust the pommel, which I did. I messaged them numerous times with photos and they were so helpful, always making sure I was happy and nothing was too much trouble.

    I have had the saddle for about 2 months now and it is the most comfortable saddle I have ever had. My horse goes lovely in it and seems extremely happy.
    I feel I can write this review now as my biggest worry in buying this saddle is that it could hurt my horses back by going treeless...well today my horse had the back lady � She said there was no problem with his back from this saddle, no pressure sores, no tight areas, nothing.
    I am very happy that I got this saddle and I believe my horse is too.....
    Now I am after an Easytrek comfort bridle to complete my tack..better start saving ���

  66. Tried our pony gp out for the first time tonight... absolutely fantastic. A happy forward pony and comfortable child meant their first canter in 3years. their instructor was very impressed and can already see the difference in just half an hr! will be taking some pictures on the weekend to share with you all ☺