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Easytrek saddles are fab for hard to fit Connie’s!

by | Feb 3, 2022

This is Neide & Rosies lovely review of the Easytrek treeless Classic GP saddle.

“Neides’ gorgeous pony is called Rosie. She is a 14.2 Connemara pony!

Rosie has always been ridden in a treeless saddle so when Neide took Rosie on, her old owners recommended that continue to use treeless because that’s was she was happiest in and what she was used it.

Neide wanted to keep everything as similar as possible. she did her research on what types of treeless saddles were available on the market and decided on the Easytrek!

The Easytrek is a fully treeless saddle which is traditional in look and ride saddle.

Neides’ goal with Rosie this year is to become competent and consistent when jumping!

“The Easytrek GP saddle makes me feel safe and secure when jumping on an inexperienced pony like Rosie! I am also progressing with my jumping too!
Kindest Regards Neide”

If you would like to see more of this pair continuing their jumping journey please follow then on @pony_prefect_03